Downgrading - XL to Standard bed

Howdy folks,
I’m new here so please let me know if I should move / edit this post.
I got a shapeoko 3 XL about 6 months ago but have since realized I only need the standard bed size. (Both for space and rigidity reasons) Carbide doesn’t sell kits to downgrade sizes - only upgrade - but I was hoping someone may have some left over Standard parts from when they upgraded that they’d be willing to part with. Or perhaps someone is looking to upgrade to the xl and we can work out a trade. Let me know and all the best!


I just got the standard size and was planning to upgrade in the future. What did you have in mind for the trade? We can Direct Message if easier too

I was thinking just swap the x rails and the main frame support. I havent actually taken a good enough look to see specifically what parts are compatible, but it seems like it’s just the x extrusion and frame. Obviously the MDF as well, but I have spilled a bit of WD-40 on mine so It may make more sense to procure your own, though I’d be happy to send it as well.

It’s much more complicated than that as the wires need to swap, the dropchain, and likely a few other things. I can easily make my own base board but we would have to swap a lot of parts.

Hey @Smothra,
I sent you a private message last night. I wasn’t sure if you saw it.

Thanks for the info David!
I guess I’m back to the drawing board. I’m going to do some more research and take a better look at what it would take to convert.

I suppose if anyone in the Seattle Washington area is looking to trade a standard for an XL - clean swap - that would be the easiest that I’d happily take up, otherwise I’ll gigure out what exactly I’m looking for and how much value the swap would be for the downgrade in size.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction

It does seem to have a lot more involved than just swapping the x-axis and metal frames. Take a look at the kit to upgrade from standard to XL and that is what someone would need to use your parts.

Carbide Expansion Pack

Best of luck!

I wish I was closer. If you’re willing to ship (I’d cover shipping) I’d happily trade you my S3 with a J Tech 7w laser attachment. We could just swap the necessary parts minus the waste board.

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