Downloaded new program to windows 7

Ok I just download the program for the 4th time and it downloaded fine. I then went to open it and it opens fine but in the middle I get a window showing there is a problem and windows needs to shut it down. It will not tell me anything else just that. Has anyone had this same problem???

No, but for Windows troubleshooting, please try the following things:

  • reboot
  • start the program in 256 color mode:
  1. right-click the executable (Carbide Motion.exe) 2) click Properties 3) click the Compatibility tab 4) check the “run in 256 colors” box 5) click OK or, Similarly, changing the colour mode to 256, starting the application, then changing back to 32-bit has allowed some users to run the program successfully. (Notably on Dell Inspirons)

Try downloading in the Admin mode and make shortcuts on your second account. At least that is what worked for me.

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