Drag chain catching on x limit switch

When I move the X/Z all the way to the right, the drag chain catches on the X limit switch, preventing it from going all the way over. Tried moving the drag over a bit, with no luck. Any other suggestions? Looks like the standoff for the X limit switch could stand to be about 1/4" shorter.

You should be able to loosen all the hardware connectors involved, pull things into a desired alignment, and then retighten them and it should work.

If the X-axis limit switch standoffs were shorter it would hit the belt anchors.

I’m going from memory here so could be mistaken - but is it catching on the switch or the bolt for the switch? From memory I had issues with the thread/long end catching the drag chain, so I just flipped it around and that gave me enough clearance? As I said I could be mistaken on the details but I recall the same issue and solving it that way…

Fixed by removing one of the bolts attaching the chain to the bracket and moving it over. The chain is only connected by one bolt now. We will see if that holds up over time.

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Yes I had the same with my build. I also removed one screw and mounted it further towards the back. It feels pretty solid with just one screw.

I sent feedback to the team.

I had this same issue. I just assembled mine yesterday and I haven’t had a chance to move things around yet.

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