Drag Chain Issue

Putting together my new XXL Pro, and got to the drag chain step. It appears that the cables in the drag chain were installed in reverse as the guide says the head (left) should have all x-axis should have all female connections. Because of the curl the DC can only be oriented one way. I’m about ready to open up the Drag chain links and reverse the cables. Who’s with me? (Yes, I have a ticket in to support but can’t get a meeting until Monday). Thanks for your advice.

I reversed mine on install and had no issues with popping each link open and correcting the issue. May get you up and running before Monday.
Did not damage one link in the process.
I also super glued additional drag chain supports on my XXL.
Good luck,

After talking to the tech support, I’m thinking that the error is in the Carbide assembly pdf.

I will tell you that before I made many of the “firmly attach Part A to Part B” steps of assembly I laid them out and stepped back for a common sense evaluation. And made some adjustment in some cases. I wished they had provided a PDF download file for assembly. My workshop does not have Internet so I had to create a Word file for transport on a laptop.
Adhering the drag links to the Shapeoko is “interesting” for alignment. And I added an additional support on both drag link runs.
Finally got my XXL up and running and solved some other issues with help from Will and someone else at Carbide 3D’s support. Thought the tech support was 1) VERY RESPONSIVE even on weekends, 2) very considerate, and 3) very clear and concise. Overall, very appreciative of their help.
I have recommended Carbide 3D systems based solely on their tech support.
And, my Carbide 3D router was “a bit loud” out of the box and died very quickly, ate its brushes and burned the brush sleeves within a couple of hours. Not a problem with getting a replacement. It was in hand within a couple of days.
REALLY APPRECIATIVE OF THAT INTERACTION. No sending the burned up one back waiting for an evaluation, no RMA, no nothing.
The replacement has been running for many hours flawlessly - and a LOT quieter.
And, I added an additional, if there was another, grounding connection. My dust collector hose was creating static electricity and if contacting the XXL, was causing a crash. Double correction, changed to a grounded hose and added the grounding wire.

Poped the links apart on mine at the ends. reversed. Fits works, done.