Drawing errors after re-opening C2D fie

I’m using CC Build 474 and am seeing errors in the drawing after re-opening the file. Images of before and after can be seen here: Images

Is this a known problem? Known conditions? (too many paths, svg incompatibility, paths too small, etc)

Here’s how I got here:

  1. Generate the SVG in Inkscape. There are roughly 500 holes .129" diameter
  2. Import the SVG into CC and center it on the workspace
  3. Save the fie.
  4. Quit CC
  5. Restart CC and re-open the file.
  6. See the drawing errors.

I’m happy to privately share the c2d and svg files for those willing to help, but would rather not post them publicly.


Please send the file in to support@carbide3d.com along with a link to this discussion.

Files sent to support.

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Thanks. I think there’s some problem in the SVG, but added to the bug database, so a developer can look into it.

I was able to fix the file by:

  • setting document area equal to drawing
  • fixing all circles to have correct path orientation and ensuring that there were no doubled paths, &c. as described in the support e-mail

What tools do you use for fixing up the file(s)? I’d like to be able to fix (or avoid) it myself if I run into it again.

  • I went back to Inkscape and made sure the original paths fit within the document page and re-imported into CC, but ended up with the same issues. I’ve never had problems with this before – and typically turn off the page outline and ignore document size. I’ll make sure it fits from now on.

  • I typically do a “Path Union” in Inkscape to get rid of any duplicate paths. (Inkscape likes to create duplicates quite often when I use “Scatter”.) Is there an easy way to check for and remove duplicates?

  • How do I ensure correct path orientation/winding?

I use Macromedia Freehand, but it’s not really available these days — Serif’s Affinity Designer would be the nearest analogue.

For Inkscape see: https://fkoran.github.io/2016/09/04/inkscape-fill-path-direction/

Another possibility is that the objects were circles, but my manipulations made them into Bézier curves since the twain are handled differently. We’ll have to see what the devs find when they look into it.

I did a bit more digging in the SVG with Inkscape. I found that some of the circles had over 70 nodes!

Once I selected them and ran “Simplify” (Command+L), saved and re-imported into CC, everything worked as expected. I’m not sure how they got into that state but I’ll see if I can replicate it.

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144 nodes:

I didn’t simplify anything, and since Carbide Create converts curves to polylines by default this shouldn’t matter.

However, it seems that Carbide Create did simplify things on import:

so it may be that this will be a useful test case.

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