Drawing up a stop block

Okay, given a drawing:

here’s how one re-draws it in Carbide Create:

Launch Carbide Create, and set up the job (Gear icon):

Stock Size

  • Width (X) 3.000 in
  • Height (Y) 3.375 in

and go into Document Background | Edit and change the grid size to something convenient:

Ok | Ok

  • Draw in the rectangles

  • Draw in the 0.25" radius circle and add a rectangle to it aligned at its left/right center

  • rotate the circle 45 degrees (it won’t seem to move, but the nodes will — we’ll want them to make things line up)

  • select the circle and the new rectangle — Group the selection
  • rotate -45 degrees
  • drag to where you want it to be

  • union the circle and rectangle

  • select and union the two rectangles

The next part gets in to Boolean operations extensively. See:


for more information.

  • select the joined rectangles, then control-click to add the rounded part to the selection — the joined rectangles should be solid, while the rounded part will be drawn with a dashed line:

  • click on “Boolean Subtraction”

If one wishes to round off a part, then there are a couple of ways this could be done. One would be:

  • draw a circle with the correct radius

  • draw a rectangle/square which has a corner at the center of the circle

  • with the rectangle selected, control-click on the circle to add it to the selection so that it has a dashed appearance and then choose “Boolean Subtraction”

resulting in:

Drag that to the corner which one wishes to round off:

  • click on the shape, then control-click on the object which will be subtracted and click Boolean Subtraction:

resulting in: