Drilling operations with Carbide Motion?

Hi –
I just made a program with drilling operations in Fusion 360.
I used a generic Mach3 output. My machine is a Nomad 883 GRBL version 0.9g.

Loading the file, Carbide Motion v359 seems to be complaining about some combination of G80, G81, and G98.

Is there another or better way to do drilling operations with this setup?
I can manually mess with the Gcode but this seems like a bad solution.


Please see

There’s also a recently announced pre-processor which will convert most G-code to equivalent code which Grbl will accept, G# I think it’s called.

So GRBL does not support G98 or G81.

My question then is what should I be doing to get drilling playing nice on my Nomad setup.

I’d read here that Mach3 without Radius or G28 was the best post-processor setup for the Nomad/Carbide Motion – something about GRBL not handling arcs.

To run the current job I split it into two parts – a drilling run with a GRBL post processor and then all the rest of the machining with Mach3 (minus Radius and G28).

Is there a way to only have one Gcode post-processor/file that handles all machining steps?

Thanks again,

Grbl supports arcs.

I mostly use MakerCAM and F-Engrave, or hand-coded G-code.