Drive belt out of alignment?

So I had a drive shaft fail, and got a new one (Thanks!!). But once I install it, I notice the two drive gears don’t line up…one is too high/low, so the belt is at a weird angle and I’m afraid it will throw the belt under load at speed.

No biggie, I’ll just adjust the pulley on the shaft, right? No dice.

When I do it on the drive shaft, the whole thing slides out of its bearings just like it did before…so apparently the pulley holds the drive shaft in place now. Again, no biggie – there’s some wiggle-room on the motor.

So, I try to lower the motor drive, and no luck. Set screws are practically totally out, and the dang thing doesnt budge. I dont want to torque it too much and bend the motor shaft, so I took a break to write this here.


i would remove whichever is easier and get a pulley remover on it. go through the extra effort and remove the easiest from the mount and work on it that way. remove the set screws entirely (might be two to a hole) and get a little PB blaster in the holes and seep into the shaft to break it loose. probably some threadlocker found it’s way between the pulley and shaft. extra careful though, those pulleys are soft material. you can fab a crude pulley remover (google diy pulley remover for some ideas)

Do you have, or have access to an appropriately sized pulley puller?

Let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

Hi Will, I’ll see what I can find. The pulley on the motor is usually tight enough to require one? I am correct that this is the pulley I need to move to properly align everything, as moving the other one makes the drive shaft slide out of the bearings?

I was asking after the pulley puller just for information — not advocating its use — please check in w/ the folks at — they should have a real answer.

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