Dust boot/air blast mounting system

I’ve been toying with this idea of a swap-able mount system where I can mount a dust boot when I need, and then swap to air nozzle when I need that. I printed a test, fit seemed mostly good on the spindle. I have a expanding insert and a nylon tip set screw. Also planning on putting some adhesive on the top to connect the mount to the bottom of where the spindle holder is.

Nylon tip set screw:

Here’s a picture of the mounting model:

The hole in top middle is for the insert and set screw. Insert gets put in from the other side. There’s a t-slot that will accept the different modules (air or dust boot for now). The holes on the side will keep the thing in place with pins.

I glue magnets into the larger holes to keep the pins in without loosing them to vibrations from the machine.

I only have the dust boot modeled for now (and printing currently). The hole for the vacuum hose is at a 20degree angle from the front to get the quick connector for the vacuum a bit away from the machine. Also to hopefully align with where I had the vacuum hole on the nomad enclosure.


Here’s what the thing looks like all together.

Currently printed in PLA, but will swap over to PETG for finished thing. When the kinks are worked out I’ll make the files available.


I am not particularly keen about clamping stuff to the spindle (for no good reason really) but that mounting system is very clever!

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