Dust collection research site

I’m designing my own dust boot, kinda radical but I’ve done the research. On this forum there are 48 topics dealing with dust collection, a lot of good advice and great ideas, but what is lacking (especially for the noobie) is where do I learn about dust collection? This is the site to read, there is more information engineering, scientific and plans than can be easily absorbed. Bill Pence had created this to save your life, sounds dramatic but it is. Manufacturer’s publish information slanted in their favor (they might lie to sell their product? …). Bill pence invented and patented the cyclone, licensed it to :clearvue" and published what and how for the small shop owner and hobbyist. It is worth your study and is free. He is a hero in the dust collection world. I searched bill pentz and found nothing, hense my suggestion. So heres’ the source:

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