Dust Collector Control

Need some help. For my dust collector (Jet 1.5 HP 220 volt) I’ve been using a PSI woodworking 220 volt remote, one at the CNC, one at my planer and one at my table saw. Pressing the on or off buttons momentarily triggers a signal that turns on and off the collector relay.

Question is, I turn the system on when I start a cut. I would like to shut the collector off when the cut code is finished. I use the PWM output to turn the router on and off. The PWM output is not momentary. Is there a way to send a momentary signal to the remote control for the collector so it shuts at the end of the G-code?

If I use the PWM output, I cannot operated the collector from the table saw or planer without shutting down the CNC to release the PWM signal.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

Tom DiGiovanni

Assuming the remote is RF?
Do you have a spare remote?
You could use the coolant pin (A3) if it’s accessible on your board, then you’d need to add an M7 and an M9 at the end of your file (with a delay in between). Got any details on your remote? WHat C3D board version do you have?

No coolant pin outs on my board; V2.3. It is an RF remote. Thanks for the reply!

Do you use all the pins that are broken out to the headers? You could modify the firmware pin assignments. I did this so I can have a physical feed hold switch, which also parks the machine, and a physical resume switch.
Where on your remote would you tie in?

I’d tie directly onto the momentary contacts of the remote. Could you expand on the pin reassignments?

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