Dust net and wire containment

I’ve noticed some people have nets or mesh around the top of their spindle. I assume this is to keep dust out, or for static or something, I would love to know more about why they’re used, the material (if it matters), and how I might go about adding one to my machine.

I’ve also seen black plastic chains that hold the wires in place, what are those called?

I am interested in the dust net because I want to build a sound containment box around my machine but I don’t have a dust shoe and worry this will cause extra dust to enter the spindle.

Spindle covers protect from conductive chips “primarily”… dust and debris secondarily.
“Drag chains” are use for wire encasing…


I started using an old cotton sock, cut for length and with a hole for the power cord. But, I’m a little worried about it reducing the airflow/cooling through the router. I feel like I can hear a slight difference in the airflow when it’s on. I might try some hosiery and see how that goes.