Dust shoe Dust boot Shapeoko 3 dewalt 611

Hello Ladies and Gents,
This is my first post and I just completed my XXL build.
I must say apart from the build instructions (wow) the quality is fantastic.
Looking for a dust shoe/boot preferably fixed but I will take what I can get at the moment.
Any advise for purchase or build plans (no 3d printer) would be greatly appreciated.

The Sweepy 2.0 is now available in a range of sizes, including 69mm to fit the DeWalt:

I will take a look Thank you.

This is likely the most popular subject in the community forums. My dust boot hack is in this thread:

Or searching the forums nets a plethora of examples:

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The hack looks good, did you add a brush skirt?
Thank you for the info Jim.

This is the one I built, using the leftover sleeve from the 611 router and a piece of MDF I cut with the new XXL.

Works like a charm!

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I cut this out of 1/2" carbonate and bought the brushes at mcmasters.

Have yet to add brushes… currently using a clear/floating HDPE container that wraps around the router body.

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I saw an SO3 version on the Suckit Dust Boot website so I sent them an email. Jenn informed me that the kickstarter for the SO3 version is going live on Tuesday. Once It’s live I’ll post the link. I have one for my SO2/XCarve and it is amazing how well it works and their customer service is top notch! www.suckitdustboot.com

The Kickstarter is live now. I just pledged for the Early Bird; there are 12 Early Bird slots left right now. The best part is that it is already funded, so you know that the dust shoe will be made.

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Down to 8 slots, just ordered mine as well.

I like that “suckit” very nice that it’s “see thru”.

Agree mounting in-depended from the spindel is the way to go.

Here’s mine, same principle, supercheap if you have a 3d printer… just not see-thru.


Got mine from here, cut it out with plywood, mdf and a simple plank will break. Plywood works like a charm. Got the files and cut it, easy.

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I just ordered the Suckit…
The main feature that i find attractive is that it is decoupled from from the z-axis…

I started my CNC experience as a completely ignorant novice in June this year with an x-carve and I must say that the Inventables community and customer service can only be matched and never surpassed.
The suckit was part of my x-carve build and it worked a treat so I have no reservations making the same purchase for my Shapeoko 3 XXL.
After my 1st week of using the Shapeoko 3 I am absolutely loving it.
Thank you all for your input and support.

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Thanks for the links in this thread, all. I just ordered a Suckit, and I’ll be planning to mostly use it with a 4" dust collection unit that I keep outdoors. We’ll see how well that performs.

If anyone’s interested, I also have a shoe made by Improbable Construct, which is nice, but I think the Suckit may solve a couple minor issues I’m having. Looking forward to testing it out!

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Cool build Jim. I thru my Z Axis dimensions in SketchUp and printed one on my 3D printer in 6 parts, I did CNC the broom plate in 2 layers of 1/4 lexan polyC and used a clear 2 1/2 tube from Rockler, found the brush at McMaster and ordered a m3 m4 bolts assortment on Amazon and nylon round black spacers m4 assortment on amazon. Take your time in 3D on the custom dimensions for your machine and you won’t have wait on so much 3D print time on mistakes. Here’s the 2" flexible brush link which was hard to find. You can build anything and should. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/123/1320/=165m9ze