"DustJet" dust shoe v2

version two of the DustJet dustshoe…
rear mount 2" acrylic tube space saving design.

thanks to @agentwusabi for inspiration to further improve the design.


What are you doing to avoid the stepper motors or did you just go passed them? I was thinking about mounting my steppers on the outside of the plates to give myself clearance but havent messed with that yet.

Awesome! I love the rear mount design. My only concern is that my electronics would get in the way. I may have to remount those somewhere else.

Are plans going to be made available or for purchase?

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I too would be keen if you are going to release the plans. Checked you website but don’t see any more information on there.

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Jon, I’m willing to bet you will eventually mount the electronics outside the enclosure anyway. Might as well do it sooner rather then later.

I’m hoping Dave will eventually share his design. I really like the backside mod.

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Agreed. But that will mean getting a drag chain, which is something I know will take some effort to order and install.

Nah, piece of cake.

40.55" Black Cable Wire Carrier Drag Chain Nested 18mm x 50mm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HR6EGQY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_4hY.Cb99VJEKV

King size, so you can fit all the hoses and such when you finally pull the trigger on a spindle.

Just need to print up a few brackets and you’re set.


Oh really? Awesome! I’m ordering that today! Then, about these brackets, I assume they are for mounting the drag chain? I know those have been mentioned and specced out here on the forums so I’ll do some digging at lunch.

Man, you already know I’m getting a spindle too. Better save up for that. Good thing I’m making my own HDZ like you did so I can afford the spindle.

Yep, I made some prototypes and mounted them. Then, I did what I often do when making fixtures, helpers…decided they work fine and moved on. Not the degree of OCD shown by some :wink:.

I’m planning a new enclosure now, will finalize the brackets as part of that project.

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My workshop project is moving along now so I will also be making an enclosure soon… if other projects don’t get in the way. Will you be making yours with a lifting hatch or go with the front door like you have now? I can see advantages to both and I’m a bit torn as to the best design.

Since I will be getting my 3D printer very soon, have the several large bracket designs been shared somewhere?

I really like the sliding, quick-to-remove doors. I think they can be improved upon. The slots they slide in are easily jammed with aluminum chips. I’m thinking the new ones will be on a track of some sort suspended from the top. Also, with thinner frames. The current ones were based upon glass and plastic I had on hand.
Or, as you, I may go with some sort of lift door that enables a single, large window.

Maybe we should start a gallery post WIP enclosure? Or not, design by committee is NEVER good.


You are right about design by committee but it is always interesting to have seen many designs to pick and choose what works best for your particular situation as we all have space and other constraints so a design that may be good for you may not fit in the space I have for example. However, lessons learned like too small an enclosure, a hatch that falls on your head or something else may save you from making the same mistakes.


A couple of STL’s for you for the drag chain.

My style is minimilist/KISS so not sexy but they get the job done.

Bracket 1 v3.stl (709.7 KB)
Z Bracket 1 v4.stl (725.4 KB)

If you decide to use them:
Use 2 of Bracket1 on the back of the X extrusion, one about in the middle, the other at the left end.
The Z mounts to the back of the HDZ
Another type Z to the left X endplate and another to the rear of the left X extrusion. I drilled 4.5mm holes, taped 5mm threads, used 5mm button head screws to attach. The big dragchain is quite stiff and needs minimal support IMO.

If you dont already have a selection of metric button/socket head screws check out the selection at McMaster Carr.


Awesome! I’m a fan of that mentality as well. I’ll head down to the library to print these on Saturday then! Thanks!

Drag chain is coming soon too.

@davidgjohnson Beautiful update. Ticks all the boxes for what I want in a dust shoe. Looking forward to more info/plans/kits availability!

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looks great,when can we buy, i need to get some dust control sorted asap.


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