Dxf file poblem

i have some dxf files i tried opening in cc and i dont see anything what could be the issue?

If you zoom out do you still not see anything? If the origin is set poorly they might be off screen, I’m trying to think if I’ve seen dxfs fail before for other reasons without popping any kind of error message.

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Post the files here or send them in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

yes if i zoom way out they show up; however, i cant do anything with it once i can see the file i can’t do anything with the design area

fireservice4.dxf (67.5 KB)

this is just one dxf file i am tring to work with

If you Ctrl+A it should select everything (and when you first import the file it’s automatically selected anyway), then you can use the Move tool to input new coordinates. Let me work with the file for a minute.

Ok, so a few things. Helpful buttons:

  • DXFs can be scaled but are usually designed to a specific size. Right now your file is importing huge - maybe just a mm vs inch issue, but I had to scale it down to even fit on an XXL.

  • After you scale it appropriately, you can move the zero coordinate to 0,0 or wherever you need it. You can also drag the thing around manually, but this will at least get it on your screen.

  • Bigger issue is that CC only works with closed and joined paths. They should import black - yours are importing blue, so need to be touched up in another vector tool before they can be used.

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Okay thank you very much i will play around with them and see if i can get them to work thank you again

Select each set of paths:

and Join Vectors:


fireservice4.c2d (1.3 MB)


Ah, magic context based tools! I only knew CC had the group and edit node tools, which never fixed the blue outline issue for me. I have a pretty fast workflow for most of my parts now to get around it, but this is good to know.

While guess the first thing i will need to do is break down, take the jump to the new CC. Since I am using 431

CC5 can be installed alongside older versions and you can pick and choose which to run. Just make sure that you don’t try to open a file made in a new version in the older.

Similarly, if you encounter any files from the older version which don’t open properly in the new version send them in to support@carbide3d.com

Okay thanks. I have opened files with the old cc that we’re created with the new. Get a warning file may not open correctly. Some work,some don’t. But for now I’m going to install new cc when in the shop tomorrow

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