Dxf imports from Mac Rhino 6 scrambled

Hi guys,
When I export to dxf in Rhino 5 and then import into Carbide Create it is fine.
When I export to dxf in Rhino 6 everything is jumbled and out of place.

This is a very simple drawing to illustrate. Complex dxf’s look like they have been through the mincer sometimes.
Here is Rhino 5, all fine.

aaaand Rhino6
I have played around with settings and options and can’t get it to work.

Any ideas?

So far the workaround is save as a Rhino 5 doc and export from there but it far from convenient (save, close rhino6 , open 5, export dxf, close 5, open 6 and keep working.

I have used illustrator to export also and it works…but I just payed for the upgrade and want to use Rhino 6.


I have posted this on the Rhino forum also but thought it would be good to cover all bases.

Here are the two files
r6.dxf (9.2 KB)
r5.dxf (9.1 KB)

You did not mention which version of Carbide Create, at the moment there are probably 20 versions that are used due to the rapid prototyping being done for a newer release. Have you tried the latest beta code?


Tried the file in the latest version (CC431) and had this problem — we’ll try to have a developer look into it.


Thanks William!!
I am using 431 also
Hopefully it can be fixed soon


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This one took a really long time to get fixed but we did get it fixed today. It turns out that your V6 file used a very poorly documented feature of the DXF format that caused the arcs to get flipped in the wrong direction.

Without having your V5 file to compare side-by-side out of desperation I think think we would have ever found the problem.

The fix will be in the next beta.


Thankyou so much!!!

Rhino 7 is in the works. I better test that too in case they have changed it up again.


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