Early Morning Engraving Project

Woke up early ready to get my Mothers day project finished up, went to engrave this small plaque and…
Ohhh the script goes on the top of the model not the bottom…
The bit took it like a champ though, no visible damage! My HDZ thought it was funny… V2 incoming!




Lovely! How do you get such a nice polish on your aluminum work?

That is a rough bench polish, I start by using my original #201 that came with the machine to do a very fine step over with a parallel tool path following the grain of the aluminum, usually .01, and polish the bevels with a .001 contour or adaptive, then I sand from 320 to 5000 in 7 increments of sand paper then up to 12000 grit with a set of fine sanding sponge pads I got from Amazon, then after 12000 grit, I do a rough cut and fine cut polish on a 12 inch bench polishing wheel, and paper towels after that. The photo shows at the 5000 grit stage. After polish and paper towels it is mirror stage.
It helps greatly to do a surfacing with a flat end mill, the 201 works best for me, before polish. An adaptive tool path leaves a lot of rough marks.


These sponge pads are very nice for small jobs.


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