Eccentric Nuts & Other Reasonable Upgrades

I had a rough weekend with my XXL, particularly with calibration and accuracy. I just ordered steel belts from Mr. Beaver and the materials to do a proper calibration (caliper clamped to 123 blocks technique). I also want to upgrade the eccentric nuts because I can’t seem to get the Z-axis wheels to stay snug. Unfortunately my Navy job has me a couple hours from my XXL, so I only get weekend visitation rights… Could someone tell me how many eccentric nuts I need to order for a full refit? I plan to order these: Please and thanks!

Also, the HDZ is on my “later list”, possibly with a spindle upgrade at the same time. Until then, what other upgrades would anyone recommend to make this a more robust machine? I already have steel belts and eccentric nuts w/ blue loctite on the list. I also will reattempt to machine the Easy Tram with Mr. Beaver’s free files once I get this calibration thing fixed. Am I missing anything?

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I’m on the same path as you and have done the Nuts, HDZ and heavy duty wheels. The wheels isn’t the only thing you didn’t mention. I’d love to put the bigger spindle in the HDZ to replace the Dewalt but I need to sell some product first.


I believe you will need 16 wheels, but only 8 eccentric nuts, as 2 wheels are fixed, 2 are on eccentric on each carriage plate.

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The HDZ will come with HD Wheels if you go that route

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Where is a good source for the wheels? I have to sell some product before the HDZ becomes a thing. For now I’m trying to do as much as I can reasonably to increase my ability to produce product for sale.

I don’t think I’ve had an issue with the stock wheels yet. What’s the benefit to new wheels? The only wheel issue I seem to have is the eccentric nut on the lower portion of the Z-axis doesn’t want to stay adjusted. But then again, I don’t think that’s a wheel problem at all.

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