Edge finder for the Nomad (II)

Hi all- I’ve just had a couple very affordable Edge Finders for the Nomad ER-11 collets made. I started with a couple of sets of cheap wigglers <tinyurl.com/y82qmjkv> and had a local Cylindrical grinding service <fcjprecisiongrinding.co.uk> reduce the shaft diameter to 6 and 7mm, respectively. Tim did the job while I was waiting and charged me UK£ 15 /chuck. In total the edge finder cost me UK£ 20 and the total length is 82mm.




Interesting - I was warned early on the wigglers might be a little too much weight to swing about on the Nomad spindle at the minimum RPM. Be careful and let us know how it goes!

Tx PG- What is the min rpm on The classic nomad and is it possible to hack if it’s too fast? Best. -P

That is an interesting question which I don’t have a precise answer for. What we know:

(1) have seen claims of 2000rpm
(2) carbide motion sends a command of 1000rpm when you click ‘spindle on’ in Carbide Motion
(3) to my knowledge I am now sure anyone has actually measured it (though would be pleased if someone had)

With regards to hacking the rpm I am not sure you can get it much lower than the existing ‘spindle on’ speed as it will be increasingly harder to get the motor to start/continue to spin as the rpms get lower.

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