Edit probe/touch plate height

(Tyler) #1

Where do I edit the touch plate height in Carbide Motion?


(William Adams) #2

I’m afraid those number are hard-wired into the application for the dimensions of the Carbide 3D Probe — you’ll need to use a 3rd party tool instead. List at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Communication_/_Control

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(Tyler) #3

Hmm weird, I’ve never seen the Shapeoko probe even available for sale. Why would they hard-code that if they don’t offer an available probe. Why not offer a simple touch plate that only sets the tool height?
Does anyone have the dimensions to the touch probe?

Do the communication/controls in the link you sent, run instead or along side Carbide Motion?


(William Adams) #4

We hope to have the Probe back in stock mid–late May.

The dimensions are written up at:

The 3rd party communication / control programs would be used in lieu of Carbide Motion. Please note that if a 3rd party tool changes any settings in Grbl which interfere with CM’s workings the defaults should be restored.