Edit tabs - what am I missing?

I need manuals to learn by. You guys move too fast for me on videos. The manual for the software is v.5 and we are in ver 7.xx. The manual says to click the edit tabs button. I dont have that button. I have two fields where I can set the width and height of tabs… but the tabs do not show in my simulation. I have contoured the full depth of my stock, back off a fraction, still nada. What am I missing?

Hey Werner…I saw this before support, apparently. They changed the way they do Tabs in v7. Now, you layout the tabs in the Design window when you’re laying out the objects. Highlight a design object and you’ll see this icon appear:
This will let you set up the tabs like you used to do on the Toolpath screen before. There are actually BETTER editing controls now…you can delete specific tabs, add tabs, etc.

So…you set them up in design - but you specify the parameters in the TOOLPATH window. So…in the toolpath window, you’re going to see those two fields you mentioned:
plus the ability to ignore the tabs for a given toolpath.

You have the same capabilities (actually, more) with the new version — you just will be specifying things in two places, rather than one.

Hope this helps.

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Doh!! How did I miss something so obvious! Thanks man!

I agree that C3D moves at a fast pace. That is both good and bad. The bad is there is constant change and the good is there is constant change.

I have posted here on the forum in the past that the Achilles heel of C3D is their documentation. I think C3D tries to update things with videos and posting here on the forum but maybe they think manuals are outdated. Not sure but sometimes the speed of change is hard to keep up with. The good news is they are constantly updating and improving.

I’ve written up a bit on Carbide Create:


and Carbide Motion:

which should be up-to-date with present versions — if anyone sees anything which was missed, please let me know and we’ll look into it.