Edit tool - always changes my stepover to .118

Carbide Create Pro V7:
Stepover ALWAYS gets reset to .118 when I click edit tool. I’m not actually trying to change the bit, I’m just checking my settings.

When I first select the bit, it set the stepover to the default library setting, of lets say .031 for a 1/16 EM. When I click edit tool, the tool menu opens back up with the stepover set to .118!! It does it every time and for every bit! Only the stepover gets changed, all other setting stay the same as the default setting or the settings I updated them to. So I can’t trust it at all! I broke many bits before finally realizing this issue/bug in the software.

Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know why this happening and what can I do to fix it?

Please Help!

Hi, I’m new with the machine but I also noticed this keeps happening. Hope It’s just a bug with a fix soon? Messed up with 1 of my cuts.

Have you noticed that behavior with custom tools. I have a lot of custom tools and will have to check to see if that happens to them as well.

Which build of Create are you running? Are you changing it in the contour toolpath settings?

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I noticed that there is no column for “2D” stepover value in the CCTool export to CSV.

Build 757, Built on: 2023-03-17

Yes, I’m changing it in the contour tool path. I’m not in the edit tool “cutter Information” settings option, just the contour tool path on individual tool paths within my project. I thought it might be one corrupt file, but it happens in all my files, new and old.

This is not a custom tool path, but it happens on both custom and pre-installed tools.

This is not a custom tool path, but it happens on both custom and pre-installed tools.

Let me know what you find on your custom tools.

There’s no stepover data in contour toolpaths, so it’s totally ignored. If you grab a beta release, we removed the field when editing contour toolpaths (which should have been done a while ago, but we missed it).

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Oh, yeah, that makes sense. Only pocket would really need it.
Okay, just to be clear, I can ignore it when it changes stepover in a contour toolpath, correct?

Would you suggest upgrading to the new beta versions? I’m curious what features have been added. I’m looking for a finishing pass toolpath, among others.

On a side note, is there somewhere I can make suggestions on program feature updates?


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