Egg holder gift from Cherry

Trying to save money on presents this year. My mother-in-law-to-be keeps chickens and gets loads of eggs every day, so an egg holder seems pretty appropriate. Here’s the design I put together.

The bottom of the holes is off centre, so the eggs seem to recline slightly.

I started off with a 200 x 150 x 25mm cherry board. As it is basically the size of the waste board, I had no clamping options. I don’t trust double sided tape after a number of mishaps I’ve had, so I had to screw it into the board at each corner. Screwing from the underside worked best for me, due to the length of the screws. Luckily I had rounded off the corners of the design! I was very nervous about hitting the screws when it got to the corners, but it worked out OK.

I filleted the edge first to make sure it fit in the stock, then just one egg hole to make sure it looked good!

I left one egg hole off to leave room for an inscription (V carved using F-Engrave), their own words to describe their little chicken farm.

The finished product!

Detail of a chicken engraving, also done using F-Engrave.

Please let me know what you think, and what you would have done differently.


Very nice,Im sure she will love it,Thanks for sharing Owen :slight_smile:

Owen - any chance you still have to code to create this? Would love to try this on my machine.