Egg tray in 3d - confusion

I thought this should be quite easy in Carbide Create Pro.
I’ve measured my stock and it’s roughly 31mm high, some places 32mm. I don’t care that it is not flat because it won’t make much difference to the egg holes.

First problem - I have to define a surface from which to subtract the holes. Now do I
a) set z to bottom and add the surface as 31
b) set z to bottom and add the surface as 32
c) set z to top and subtract the surface as 1 (you cannot make it 0 it isn’t allowed)

Second problem - what’s the Base - do I leave that at zero?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

There’s a bit of interplay in-between the stock thickness and the height of 3D modeled objects.

Either approach:

  • add objects up to the thickness of the stock
  • add an initial object the thickness of the stock and then subtract

is valid, and one can use hybrid approaches as well.

For your case, it’s probably easiest to model using the beginning stock and then subtracting, so:

Leave base height at 0 unless there’s a reason to change it:

Adjust the angle as necessary to get the required depth.

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