Emergency Adjustment Tricks?

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In the middle of a long rough cut for a 3D object and I see the bolts that hold the bolts that hold the router clamp are loose. Tried pausing UGS and writing down the stop point but the jog window is unavailable so there is no way to get this thing in a position to tighten the bolts.

Anybody figure out a trip to do a pause, jog into an adjustment position and then return.

Right now I am just hoping the thing doesn’t come loose before the job finishes. Since its a rough cut I may be ok if I can get it to the end.

Do I need to use something other than UGS? On these long jobs the chance of something coming loose is pretty high.



Loctite blue when you resnug the bolts?


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Yeah thanks…I was waiting for the “I always tighten everything before every project” or the “Why didn’t you use more Loctite?” post.

Not really the answer to the question at hand.

I was halfway through a 6 hour job but I just aborted, tightened and started from the beginning because the Dremel was flopping all over the place.

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@johnelle If you know where you were in the gcode, you can hand edit the code to restart at a point closer to where you aborted.


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If you know which line of g-code you were on, you could edit the file. There are other g-code senders such as Chilipeppr where you can just enter the starting line IIRC. I stopped using Chilipeppr due to the 5MB buffer limit and the majority of jobs in 3D are greater than 5MB.

In search of a better sender, I started using bCNC, then ran across Intelli-G-Code sender created by Roger on the forum who is another Shapeoko owner. I cannot articulate well enough how much better this is than the free versions. It is easy to use, you can pause and resume, has a log, plus many more functions.

Just remember that if your Spindle Mount was loose, there is a good chance your cut is deeper than what is designed( the remaining toolpaths after repairs will likely be at a different depth than pre-repair), and you will likely need to surface the board to allow for over-cutting and rerun the job to save the workpiece.


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It may be overcut but this is a 3D rough cut and usually there is a fair amount extra left for the fine cut. Unfortunately I just had a power hit and the NAS that holds all the files is offline for hours(?) days(?). GRRR computers.

Seems like implementing a pause/jog feature wouldn’t be that hard. I will try to file it as a feature request.


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it doesn’t help now but using a UGCS can give you this function. I cause pause a job in UGCS by hitting the estop then press play to resume (on shapeoko board it’s actually door open switch). However if your spindle bolts are loose there is a possibility its already miss cut?

I’ve also tightened bolts part way through a job but it’s not proper.


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@MrBeaver Does UGS allow you to jog during a feedhold? Been a while since I used it.


(Luke) #9

I don’t think during feed hold


(John Ellenberger) #10

Right. Pause works fine if you don’t need to move anything.

The problem is that jog buttons are not available during a pause. The screws in question require the Z to be dropped way down so you can access them from the back.


(Luke) #11

Ah yes, those screws…

You are out of luck I’m afraid. I don’t know of any way to do that other than cut the gcode file.


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