Enclosure/Dust Control Ideas

I’m new to the Shapeoko world. I received my first Shapeoko Pro XXL (have not assembled it yet) last week. What ideas do you have for enclosures and dust control? Tips and plans are appreciated. TIA

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I am lucky to have a fairly large shop. I have a HF dust collector, upgraded to a one-micron filter, added a “gasket” on the bag. SO dust is minimal when I run the machine. The table saw and planer is a different story. I plan on placing the dust collector outside in a “doghouse” with my air compressor. I have a fan from a furnace that pulls air out of the shop. The shop is tight, but it helps.
Hope this gives you some ideas. Think of it this way, it is ever-evolving. Your ideas today will pale to your new ones next time. What works for me or someone else may not work for you.
Share, share, share. We can all learn from each other

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Check out the community map, it has links to “the Enclosures Zoo” and “The Hall of Dust Shoes” for inspiration.

Enclosures are a rabbit hole of their own, there is no definitive answer/design, it all depends on your needs and budget. Noise reduction is a priority for some, not for others. Dust containement, ditto.

You can find literally tens of threads about building enclosures on the forum, some with plans.

You’ll want to make one that is tall (like, really, taller than you would think you need), has windows, and possibly has a hatch at the back of the machine to allow tiling jobs that require to slide the stock along Y beyond the wasteboard limits.

Dust collection: buy a cyclone dust separator (the cheapo ones or the fancy Oneida ones), then connect it on one side to the machine dust shoe, and on the other side to [pretty much any shopvac]

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Haven’t been able to justify an enclosure (in the past, I’ve just used my Nomad when that was warranted).

For dust control, I went simple (but expensive) w/ a Festool CT Midi connected to an Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy connected to a Sweepy (first the 1.0, now the 2.0) — works great, and w/ a bit of vacuuming after a job, no complaints despite the machine being in a finished basement.

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