Enclosure for XL

Does anyone have a set of plans to enclose my XL and reduce the noise generated by the trimmer.
Thank you

There doesn’t seem to be a one size fits all enclosure solution out there (yet). Too many variables of what people need to enclose, how they can enclose it, and the space they have to work with. Best thing to consider from all accounts I’ve seen is to make it taller then you think to avoid bumping your head when leaning in. Sky is the limit otherwise.

Use the search in the forum header to look up terms related to this and you’ll find a bunch of discussions here regarding sound mitigation, dust, extra functionality, etc. Some good stuff out there.

For inspiration also check out the Enclosure Zoo


Thank you very much. I am waiting for the delivery of my new purchase. I want to build and then work on the enclosure. I found on YouTube where someone put a lot of time into the enclosure so he could shut the doors. He later put a vacuum on the system and the it stuck out to far to the front. You have a good point about head height.

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It’s worth having a dig through some of the previous threads on what people have built, if you haven’t already;


Quite a few folks learned lessons along the way, that’s my excuse for never having built the top of my enclosure, I think it would become obsolete too fast, and I’m sticking to that excuse :wink:

Yes, I have started to look through them. Very Helpful

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Winston talked with some students that were making enclosures for schools.

They don’t have one for the Shapeoko (or the XL), but I’m sure they’d be willing to model something up.

Also Winston had some lessons learned from his latest enclosure:

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