Endmill over 4mm cannot be inserted into the spindle until the spindle

I’m using nomad 3.

When the endmill is inserted into the spindle, it goes in well up to 3.17mm, but the endmill with a diameter greater than or equal to 4mm gets caught somewhere and doesn’t go in until the end.

Because the end mill enters the middle length, there is a problem when processing a slightly high material.

The attached picture is a 4mm endmill, which only goes in as much as I do and no longer goes in.
Are the other Nomad 3 users like this?

The ER-11 collet bundled w/ the Nomad 3 is intended for 1/8" (3.175mm) tooling.

To use tooling w/ other sizes of shanks, purchase the appropriate ER-11 size collet such as:

Note that if you don’t wish to move the nut from collet to collet you will wish to purchase a nut to go w/ the new collet.

Note that we recommend not using tooling larger than 3.175mm on harder materials in a Nomad.

Of course, we are using the collet to fit the endmill size. Do you think I asked this question without knowing that? The reason why I said 4mm endmill can only fit that much is because I used 4mm collet.

In that case, please take this up w/ the company which you purchased the 4mm collet and tooling from.

When you remove the collect and then push the 4mm endmill in the large, ‘uncolletted’ opening, does it then go further up than in your picture?

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It’s stuck somewhere and doesn’t go up further.

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Then you are probably being stopped by the internal dimensions of the spindle.

One option you might consider is getting some shorter 4mm endmills if they are available in your region.


Is your nomad 3 the same?
The length of that endmill is normal 50mm.

Are you telling me to ask the manufacturer of the endmill and collet? I want to say it again after looking at the picture below.

I have the Nomad 833… I just checked for you.

For me, a 3.175mm endmill goes up around 25mm, whereas a 4mm one goes up about 19mm.


I guess it wasn’t penetrated. Thank you so much!

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My apologies, I’d thought you were having trouble getting the endmill into the collet when it wasn’t in place in the shaft.


I don’t think the meaning was conveyed properly because I used a translator because I couldn’t speak English.
Thank you.

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