Engraving font size

Can someone tell me the smallest size this can scribe text (Ariel Font for example) onto a brass blank? In mm? :wink:

Also does this handle cutting/engraving Sterling Silver as well as brass and aluminum? Would this be possible or is it too intricate of a design? (See pic)

The Nomad can engrave accurately at very small sizes.
Heres a Quarter with a tiny logo engraved into it for example:

Silver Machines very nicely, Heres a Heart in Silver and Brass:

You may want to approach making the sample you posted by making a mold and casting the Silver into it, that would get you the soft rolled edge detail.


What bit and settings did you use to engrave the quarter? It looks like it held up a lot of detail for quite a small logo

For the small Engraving on the quarter , I used what I had on hand, which was our 1/32 ball end bit.
3 inch per minute feed, 1 ipm plunge. 10k rpm.

The key to engraving hard materials with good results and not breaking the bit is to use a cutter that is as short as possible.
There are lots of inexpensive engraving bits out there, I would recommend using 60 degree bits which are shorter and stronger than the long 30 or 15 degree type.

Heres a great, but expensive engraving bit, its a 1/4 shank but tapers down to a .005" tip:


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What type face and font size did you use for engraving the quarter?

3dsteve -
I engraved a Logo from the Mad Max Movie onto the quarter, just above the "Liberty"
I did not engrave the Quarter itself.