Engraving font size

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Can someone tell me the smallest size this can scribe text (Ariel Font for example) onto a brass blank? In mm? :wink:

Also does this handle cutting/engraving Sterling Silver as well as brass and aluminum? Would this be possible or is it too intricate of a design? (See pic)


(Apollo Crowe) #2

The Nomad can engrave accurately at very small sizes.
Heres a Quarter with a tiny logo engraved into it for example:

Silver Machines very nicely, Heres a Heart in Silver and Brass:

You may want to approach making the sample you posted by making a mold and casting the Silver into it, that would get you the soft rolled edge detail.


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What bit and settings did you use to engrave the quarter? It looks like it held up a lot of detail for quite a small logo


(Apollo Crowe) #4

For the small Engraving on the quarter , I used what I had on hand, which was our 1/32 ball end bit.
3 inch per minute feed, 1 ipm plunge. 10k rpm.

The key to engraving hard materials with good results and not breaking the bit is to use a cutter that is as short as possible.
There are lots of inexpensive engraving bits out there, I would recommend using 60 degree bits which are shorter and stronger than the long 30 or 15 degree type.

Heres a great, but expensive engraving bit, its a 1/4 shank but tapers down to a .005" tip:


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What type face and font size did you use for engraving the quarter?


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3dsteve -
I engraved a Logo from the Mad Max Movie onto the quarter, just above the "Liberty"
I did not engrave the Quarter itself.