Engraving in a pocket

I’m sure this an easy one for the smart people here. I am trying to engrave inside a pocket, I made the pocket .200 deep, the design I want in the pocket I only want say .050 depth of cut. So I setup the design to cut to .250. I ran this as one job, it cut the pocket fine and then for the first .200 of the design the bit just moved around not cutting anything, wasting time until it got to .200 depth then started cutting. If I run as 2 jobs what should I do to tell my S3 that there is a pocket of .200. I’m trying to explain it, sorry if its not clear, I don’t have all the cnc lingo yet. I am using inkscape and carbide create if that helps anyone’s answer.

I would use the bottom of the pocket as the starting point, zeroing there manually.
New here, did not receive my S3XL yet. This is my understanding of the problem.


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I use VCarve Desktop, and I would do a pocket that cuts to .200, then create a 2nd toolpath that starts at .200 and does the engrave.

It would look like this:

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