Engraving simple text with carbide create?

Today I did my first cut (S3), putting some geometric shapes into wood. Very Happy!

My next thought was to try and engrave some text into wood. I would like to use my .125" endmill to engrave simple text which is the same thickness as the endmill. I read about using one-line fonts and when I didn’t see any that I could identify as such on my PC I went ahead and downloaded a couple free ones (windows .ttf files). I used these in Carbide Create, selecting No-Offset, but when I looked at the prevue it shows what I could call the “travel path” as being engraved also.

I obtained these one-line fonts from different sites and it makes me think that any one of them will probably do this.
How does one do this very simple type of engraving? Eventually I would like to use those 2-layer color plastic sheets that they used to make desk name plates, etc.