Engraving using Nomad


I have recently purchased a Nomad and one of the things I want to do is engrave on brass.

I have tried V Carve but the text I want to engrave is approx 3mm in height and find the V carve feature in Carbide motion to messy.

I have since tried F Engrave using a 121 ball nose and using feed speeds from the settings recommended when going through the motions on CC. My bits are snapping.

Can anyone help? I dont know if I am using the right bit? The correct feeds and speeds?

Any input greatly recieved

Are you using leaded brass (C360)? From what I understand, other kinds of brass are significantly harder to machine.

Make sure your bit isn’t hanging out too far.

I’ve engraved lettering in AL6061 using a Vee mill using the V-carve function. For my most recent project, the font I wanted to use, Carbide Create didn’t like (wanted to engrave the center of letters like a, rather than along the strokes), so I used Fusion 360. I did hit with sand paper after I was done to remove the burr at the top of the letters.

Your feeds and speeds all seem sufficiently conservative to me.

The smallest font I did though had caps at about 5mm and lowercase at 3mm with a Vee bit. The bit you are using is 0.79mm wide and while admittedly narrower at the bottom it gets wide pretty fast as you go deeper. You might have better luck with a Vee engraving bit getting thin clean lines at that size.

Definitely use an engraving mill for letters that small. They look like this:
and cheap ones can be had on amazon for learning what you’re doing.