Enter and exit in the same location

Hi, I’m looking to create a key hold so I can hang up some stuff. I want this to be a repeater process so I wanted to CNC it. I’m trying to figure out a way to create a operation to go into the mater Z depth and travel Y distance and go back to the original starting location and exit.

Is it possible to do this with CC or do I need to use Fusion360?


Draw a polyline with two legs and 3 nodes:

and then drag the two open nodes to close to the desired entry point (they can’t be on top of each other or the path will close):

then use a no offset toolpath:


I actually use 3 perpendicular lines to create a “U”. The line that connects the two parallel lines is only 0.0005".

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I’m confused. :smiley: I think the title of this thread is doing it to me.

What is it that is trying to be accomplished? A keyhole cut?

What William suggested works. @CrookedWoodTex, yes, I want to do a key hole but I couldn’t get the bit to enter and exit the board at the same location. @themillertree, that should also work too!

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I suppose the assumption here is that you are using a special “keyhole cutter” to make the actual cut.

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