ER11 Carbide Router

I just got my ER11 compact carbide router setup and installed. When I pulled the collet nut off, the standard collet was in there. In the kit was a set of 1/8 and 1/4 standard and er11 collets and nuts. The ER11 nuts don’t fit on the router. I am guessing there isn’t some adapter I am missing. Does this sound like a mixup?

No, the ER-11 Carbide Compact Router should not have a standard collet in it, and a standard collet won’t fit correctly.

Please write in to and we’ll get this sorted out.

Thanks. My limit switch connectors are all backwards. I’ll send another email and hopefully they can get one package out that has everything at once.


When did Carbide3D start carrying ER11 Routers? I would have ordered that instead of the other when I got my SPXXL.

It’s been a while.

For the whole story see:

That said, as nice as they are, they have a pretty limited appeal:

  • nice for folks who have a Nomad or other CNC which also has an ER-11 collet system — share collets and tools
  • helpful for folks who use odd-ball sizes of tooling, although one can get most sizes from: Elaire Corporation (the standard Carbide Compact Router uses the same collets as the Makita RT0701/0700)
  • it’s nice to have a collet system which draws the collet out w/ the nut — but the flip side of that is it increases the expense quite a bit if one gets one nut for each collet.

I mentioned it because I have a whole set of ER11 collets with my small Genmitzu CNC. That would have been great to have.

Same here. Plus my dial indicator has a stem that isn’t 1/4 or 1/8.

As noted, there are a number of different size collets available from:

and there is a 3/8" collet suited for metrology (no one has reported using this for cutting — it’s a tiny thing, I’d worry about runout):

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