Error 5 GRBL Error: Invalid target. 3d Pocket path with Fusion 360

I’m finally getting around to doing the Fusion 360 face tutorial. Everything went fine but 31% through I get ERROR 5 GRBL Error: Invalid target. G2, G3 and G38.2 generate this error if, the arc is impossible to generate or if the probe target is the current position. If I hit resume print the head moves and then just sits there. Is there a setting I’m missing in Fusion or any suggestions.


Could you share the gcode that was generated by Fusion 360?

Which post-processor are you using with what CAM settings?

Turning off ramping in and G2/G3 arc generation is one way to fix this. (1.2 MB)

I’m using the Carbide Post Processor. Looks like it was revised 9-14-17. How would I go about changing those settings?

I’ve attached the one I’m using with Fusion360. It’s a slightly tweaked version of the strooom one. (

Works reliably for me, am using CM4-412, grbl 1.1. (5.5 KB)


Thanks! That solved the problem. Works perfectly.


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