Error message in line 9574 arc endpoint error

Getting a error looking file.
Error in line 9574. Arc endpoint error
Shapeoko xxl carbide build 513 and vectric 10.503 cut this project before I up graded to 10.503 not sure how to correct this issue any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Update to 10.505 and switch to the new post processors bundled with that version and use the metric option. Contact Vectric tech support if you continue to have issues.

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I can’t remember how. To up date the processors thanks for the help

Vectric posted this this morning:

The Shapeoko post was updated for version 10.5 and that seems to have caused some issues with the number of decimal places in the arc output. We have a post that we’re testing out to ensure it fixes that issue.

Contact Vectric support at