Estlcam, not CD3 supported so here is another site for questions

I’ve seen several questions and there are several topics about Estlcam. Carbide3D does not support Estlcam because it is not their product. I am simply advising users of a different site where Estlcam is supported. I am not trying to advertise Estlcam or support other sites. I got frustrated trying to find Estlcam answers and found this site and got an answer quickly. The answers I have given about Estlcam in this forum causes me to feel like I’m supporting that more than Carbide3D . So here is the link:
The Shapeoko 3 is my system and Estlcam is a tool I use with it. If you want to use Estlcam or any other non-Carbide3D product, I think it is important to qualify that with the support team because they are understanding and work very hard to keep their customers happy and productive, and that information can help guide them where to advance the next Shapeoko # .


I’d like to think that there’s no reason to go anywhere else to discuss EstlCAM in the context of using it w/ a Shapeoko 3 or Nomad. Just put it in: where we have: Any SO3 users running Estlcam? already.

The one thing which the guidelines here don’t allow is direct sales links non-Carbide 3D products — that said, those would be welcome over at (in the (For Sale section) if not in the context of more general discussion.


I like you guys more and more.
I kinda felt the same thing as @grumpa :slight_smile:
A great company!


I have been a lurker on the Inventables site since I started looking for a machine…and today I used the link in the first post above to go to ask a question and found this in my mailbox there-

As Will addressed that sort of thing here, I have to say I am considering buying a second Carbide Controller board and making up a single plug harness adapter to have the functionality of curved surfaces plotting from EstlCam… Flashing it and treating it like an add-on to my Shapeoko tools. That video made a big impact on me. I also saw that Mr. Knull makes the rounds in the forums…I’ll have to go through his site for requirements and features-hoping to find tiling!

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I can attest to this notion, personally. Unsure if you’ve seen my 2-board adventure:

I like GRBL and ESTL workflows and features, so I had to have them both.


How could I miss such an evolved, involved, impressive, and elegant solution! While I absolutely adore what you did and how simply it works, I have come up with something easier for me-though not nearly as elegant…
I have several sets of EXShuttle 2000 external removeable hard drive bays, and my thought was to install a controller board in each of two of the removable cartridges and simply wire the bay into the Shapeoko and swap the cartridges as i need too, the contacts are already rated for repeated connection/disconnection cycles, and it looks like the CD# boards will fit with no issues-the cartridges are aluminum to heat sink to, 50pin connectors are already there and aligned, the aluminum bay has a driven fan, and the rear panels are plastic to be easily modifiable…already have one in progress for my RPi3 project!
The pictures show the individual pieces, and the sides of the cartridge, Seems like this is the reason I kept these!

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Very cool! Kind of like Bennie the Jet’s braincase from the webcomic (EDIT:) Freefall (not Feefall as it was originally).

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Missed a pic!

Awesome idea!!!..

Alot cleaner than what i was coming up with.I like to call it the estlcamtocarbide hands free model

I know what you’re having for dinner!

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Ok, now you got me sucked in…Freefall Index and to think I give my monsters grief over making a title sequence…

I see you have been examining this

Lmao! just a little :wink:

My apologies, that of course, should’ve been Freefall.

If you’re going to read it, I’d recommend the “speedreader”:

In my defense, still getting used to the keyboard on my new toy (Samsung Galaxy Book 12.0) which comes pretty close to being exactly the machine I want (finally, I’ve been limping along on not quite right machines since Windows XP was EOL’d and I had to give up my Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121).

If I’d written that out w/ the stylus I’d’ve probably gotten it right.

Thanks @YoMan.
I can’t wait to see your adaptation of Carbide Motion controllers into this vintage hardware.

Almost sounds like Shapeoko SteamPunk!


My other guilty pleasure / webcomic (though it’s described as “Gaslamp fantasy or some such”) — helps that I live in a town named Mechanicsburg, Girl Genius:

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I can see even more trouble with time management in my future…I wonder if I could do my morning workout with VR glasses on-Hell, I can learn to!

Just ordered a PCB(Thanks for the assistance Jorge!:+1:) and an XXL Maintenance Kit(Been meaning to since they came out!). Going to plan everything out over the weekend, and order supplies and plan to have this in process when the board gets here-I’ll post a thread with the 5Ws and progress once everything arrives