Etsy STL files work for Shapeoko?

Are these STL files able to be used on the Shapeoko? I bought one for a dollar and tried to convert it to DXL in Fusion 360 and it kept failing.
Some reallly cool designs on there for cheap!
Etsy STL file

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Yes these files can be used on the Shapeoko but you cannot use Carbide Create to process STL files. You would need to use F360, VCarve/Aspire or something similar to create your toolpaths but you can use Carbide Motion for sending your files.


Usually MeshCAM is the 3rd party tool used for STLs on a Shapeoko (we bundle it with the Nomad, but it works perfectly with the Shapeoko, it’s just an added purchase).

You should be able to open the STLs in Autodesk Fusion 360 and do the CAM there — see:

For a free option look at pyCAM or Freemill.

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In addition to the other comments. Having used STLs recently in Fusion I would suggest converting ‘Mesh to BRep’. Then you can select curves and align/manipulate properly.


I was seriously blown away by the art you can make with this machine.
Theo, Is there any possibility I could talk you into a quick tutorial?
I am all in for learning this process but as a new to Fusion 360 user, a general guide would be incredibly helpful to get started and identify what steps to take.
Thank you

I’m quite new myself, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask. However I followed a few tutorials


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