Etsy SVG Mess Cost Time

I wanted to make an easel to display a picture. Found a few jpg pics on google and converted to svg. They were a mess and needed a lot of cleanup.

Went on etsy and found an svg with a design I liked it and was $2.03. Bought and downloaded and imported into cc. Unfortunately the vectors were nice looking but about 20 separate pieces. Used join vectors and got them cleaned up and cut them out. I think I should have just cleaned up free ones. Likely would have taken just as long.

What I liked about the design was it fit together without having to use hinges. The picture is 8x10" and the easel would likely work well with a larger picture.

The easel has a coat of shellac on it. Will spray finish tomorrow if it does not rain.

picture_easel.c2d (33.6 KB)


Looks good. :slight_smile:

I think in some cases it’s just easier to load the jpg as a background & draw the shape from scratch.
Plus it gets you some practice with bezier curves (Polylines with curvature).


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