Evenly space items option?

Hi guys. Very new to carbide create. Working on a cut that has a bunch of circles (hockey puck holder) that need to all be evenly spaced. I have found how to align things middle/left/right to the piece and to each other but is there a tool for evenly spacing items? It’s a 6x6 grid and I did it now by just counting out the grid lines and creating a row and then copying and pasting that row 6 times but I figured there must be an easier way of doing it.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hey I’m new to this and learning as I go. Try the Linear Array function. You can just type in distances between columns and rows. It’s a time saver.


Carbide Create does not at this time have a feature for this for existing objects.

If you are creating new objects, you can use Linear Array as noted by @Darrin

A work-around for existing objects is to make proxy items using Linear Array, then use them to align the existing objects — if you have difficulty with this, post the file.

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Thank guys I will try out using the linear array function. Sounds like it will take care of what I am looking to do.

I’m so used to power point where this is super easy! It’s been slightly frustrating.

It should work to:

  • design in PowerPoint
  • export to a vector format (ideally SVG)
  • if need be, open the vector in a program such as Inkscape and adjust as necessary and then re-save as SVG
  • open the SVG in Carbide Create

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