Evenly spacing tect lines vertically

I am trying to Carve the Soldiers Creed into a US flag, it is 13 lines of text. I am creating it in two files, the short stripes and then the long stripes. I have mocked the stripes, and I can center them left to right, but I can’t figure out a way to center them up and vertically within the stripe, outisde of doing 13 individual files. Any help?

If your stripes are closed vector rectangles select the text, then shift-click the rectangle then align in all directions. You’ll have to do that for all 13 stripes.

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A good reminder to always check your verbiage.

Line three needs a correction
‘and the live the army values’
should read
‘and live the army values’


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Thanks Bill, serves me right for using cut and paste instead of typing it out. LOL