Excited to be back

Ordered my Shapeoko Pro last Friday. Excited to be back. I’m considering modding my OpenBuilds modular table to house my Shapeko. Looking for waterproof surface for the table tope. Anyone have any experience with Veranda


Might be a little soft for a table top. It’s expanded (foamed) PVC. Carves great, though.
You can get sheets of pvc that is more like the pipes…I can’t remember what it’s called. There’s also High impact styrene which might work. They may be too slick though. HDPE would work. You could keep cost down by using a thin sheet over something less expensive.

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I use similar PVC lumber (w/o a molded in texture) and aside from the occasional denting it’s been fine.

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You use it for a wasteboard, correct? I took @DCFYI to mean he was planning on setting his machine on top of it.

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That would be an interesting variation on the foam which folks have been putting machines on. I suspect it would act as a resonant board and magnify noise.

My suggestion would be to put a sheet of foam in-between.

That said, I have the 48 lb. step-down transformer for my Mafell spindle on top of a piece of this stuff and its fine, though the weight is evenly distributed — maybe do w/o the leveling feet?

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What to place a sheet of 0.125 AL on top of the Veranda HP. Or sandwich the veranda between to sheets of 0.125 AL?

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I wouldn’t — the metal would be even noisier — if you did use the alu. sheet, use it to make a torsion box.

So long as the span isn’t too wide, and if you can distribute the load (by removing the leveling feet) the material listed should be fine — perhaps double it up? Use it to make a torsion box made of two sheets w/ a ribbed structure in-between. Would PVC glue hold up under tension?

I used a piece of concrete form plywood 3/4" thick and it’s been good so far.