Extra long job (Unattended is not an option?)

Has anyone running any job longer than 20 hour?

Usually my job can split to multiple jobs as long as I can set the co-ordinate. I am about to run a relieve carving job about 19 hours. Don’t think I can/have the patient to be round the CNC for that long. I know the consequence for Milling unattended. But how are people dealing long job like that or job of even longer.

Also is vacuum design to run the long? Is Dewalt 611 can run that long. I have run it for 6 hours but have anyone run it longer?

I highly recommend against leaving it unattended for long. I wouldn’t be worried about the router or vacuum running for that long, they will be fine. If anything your end mill is the most likely thing to fail.

What are you making that takes 20 hours? Do you have the jobs split into a roughing and finishing? My first thoughts are that you have too slow of a feed rate and/or less than ideal tool path. You would be amazed how hard you can push these things.


I did not start that job. I started a smaller project and it took 2 hours and is about 1/6 of the size. I am very conservative so you are right and I think I can ramp it up a lot. May be I can cut it down by 50%. I did not have chance to test a faster speed. I am only running 1200mm/s for a 8 x 11 piece.

Here’s a chart from carbide which I like to use as my starting point: