Extra Thick Letters

I was asked to produce wood letters for a sign that are extra thick (1 1/2 to 2in). It looks like 2in would be stretching it because I measure 4in from the collet to the wasteboard but I could move the router slightly in the base. This would be for an outside sign will wood last or would this require PVC? PVC would cost more if I can find it and maybe put the project out of reach.

The other issue is that my endmills have a 1in flute length. Are there any recommendations for suitable endmills. Has anyone made parts this thick with a Shapeoko without the HDZ?

Does anyone have recommendations on how to proceed?

the challenge will be the cutter more than the machine

I’d make two 1 inch versions if it all possible and then glue the two pieces togethe


also I got some (cheapish) 2" cutting length endmills (1/8th inch) and… boy do they wobble/deflect/…


Yeah, that was an issue I was concerned about, I was thinking of 1/4in endmill, maybe better quality as it may have lower deflection but it could still be an issue.

I’d stack layers of PVC.

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