Extremely frustrated with Shapeoko XXL

I have wasted more wood trying to do simple things and learn CNC without any success. I have posted here before and I have leveled my machine, squared my machine, tightened belts tightened set screws…and nothing routes correctly. I know it’s probably me not knowing CNC or CAD but today I tried to do one simple thing. cut an octagon on wood.

Here is the rewsult of a simple octagon route…FAIL

Sorry hexagon not octagon…can you tell I’m frustrated can tell 6 from 8…

Have you checked your pulley set screws?
If you email support@carbide3d we can set up a time to skype.

Very weird. Looks like you’re skipping steps for some reason. Dull cutter? Wrong speeds and feeds, maybe? Belts too tight? Without knowing how that cut was oriented, it appears cuts on the Y axis are OK, while the machine is struggling with moves in X.

What happens if you attach a sharpie to the gantry and draw the hexagon instead? I’d be curious to see how the machine operates without needing to cut anything.

A brand new machine, brand new mills, brand new to CNC. I called Shapeoko support all set screws are tight and while the x axis was working earlier today it’s no longer working. Apollo is going to send me a new board.

what were your feeds/ speeds and depth of cut?

Tight set screws are not sufficient. There is a flat on the stepper motor shaft, and one of the set screws has to be tightened against the flat on all motors.

I had no end of gremlins before figuring that out.

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Yes, support sent me instructions on the proper way to tighten the set screws. I’m also looking into the proper way to tighten belts, apparently they can be too tight. As it turns out my issue could be the control board. They are sending me a new one.