Eyeglasses case from Oak Slabs

Created on Shapeoko 4, using 18 mm oak sheets:

Engraving on top is made with the help of a laser cutter:

Neodymium magnets are used to keep the two parts together.
More details in my blog:
Eyeglasses Case created with CNC and Laser Cutter


Very nice glasses case. I like the foam rubber base you put in.

I got a new truck last year and after having cataract surgery back in January I no longer needed to wear glasses to drive. I still needed sun glasses and I used to wear big clunky sun glasses that fit over my regular glasses. Since I dont wear glasses anymore I went back to my B&L aviator sun glasses and they do not fit in any compartments on my truck overhead or between the seat console. I just put them in the two drink holders and they get dirty and get finger prints all over them from lifting them up out of the recess.

I may have to just make me a holder like yours to help.

I do have a pair of yellow colored glasses that I wear at night and in the rain to cut down on glare and increase contrast. Luckily those do fit in an upper console bin so they stay clean.

The main thing that my Shapeoko has been able to produce for me is practical projects that many I use everyday,. The Shapeoko has supplemented my traditional woodworking and although I have posted this link before please take a look at my youtube video.

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Very nice glasses case. I like the foam rubber base you put in.

I have tried different alternatives, but foam rubber worked best from the haptic point of view. And that can be cut with the laser cutter to the exact shape. A cheap laser engraver should be able to cut it too.

Finished another case for sun glasses.