False Limt Switch Hit

Have recently added a dust shoe and collection system to my machine; works awesome…except for when working with MDF…I get limit switch hit…but nothing is hit…I have done long runs with other materials with no problem…ONLY MDF…ground? static?. I have a ground cable inside my hose with goes to a grounded plug (various opinions on how effective this is but I tried it)…Any thoughts.

I suspect you’ll have to wrap and ground the outside of the hoses, or replace them w/ an anti-static sort.

It is what I expected; thanks for confirming…just ordered some anti-static hose…thanks Will.

Odd that it is material related? What other materials have you milled with this dust shoe that do not manifest this issue? I’d be suspect of potential ESD or router noise induced on your switch wiring as well. Have you changed router speeds for the material differences?

The only change in my system is the addition of a dust shoe; I have milled lots of MDF previously with no problems; I google limit switch false triggers and came up with static discharge setting of switches …so I ran a copper wire internally in hopes of problem being solved…materials…I can only guess the MDF creates more of a powder/dust rather than chips (like hard and soft woods) thus creating more of a static charge…??? I have run many operations that are 1-2 hrs in length with soft wood but will only get a few minutes running MDF before switch triggered with dust collection.

Bingo! I only have static issues with MDF.

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I have since pounded a 5’ metal rod thru my shop floor and earth grounded; router, all axes, shop vac, and hose…haven’t had any problems since cutting MDF and other woods…hopefully problem solved.


Fascinating! I’ll need to keep this in mind.

I’d say that’s a definite ground…
I cited your thread last night in another noise related post.
Keep us appraised.