Feature... change? Motion navigation / UI

ok, i’ve been using this thing heavily over the last 5 days since i finished my build. if this has been brought up before, apologies…

having a Done button on the jog page that takes you back to info/load, but then making info/load un-clickable in the main window is reaaaaallllly annoying. just drop “done” on jog dialog and consider jogging over if you’re not on the jog screen?

this is particularly pesky because i’ve been using the MDI window a lot to rapid around (G00 is faster than “fast” is), but you have to click DONE first to get to it, instead of the software just moving to the tab (which seems more natural coming from web browsers and other tab-based UIs)

if there’s a reason for this extra step i’d love to know it, it just seems abnormal to me…

also: ESC key to close zero/probe/compass rapid dialog would be nice…


Great suggestion, I agree that the done button IMO serves no function and should be eliminated unless someone can tell me why it is there in the first place. I always forget to press done and want to go to info/load then return to the done when I realize it will not change window.

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If you have ever used a previous version of the CAD modeler named Pro-E then you might find this issue with a button/option called “Done” that seemingly does nothing all too familiar, and kinda funny.

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