Feature Request: Add anchor to scale option

When scaling, if i want to type a new width or height (rather than using the mouse to resize), it gets resized from the center. This is problematic when i have vectors that need to maintain their position relative to others. Just putting an anchor option would solve this issue, similar to what i mocked up below. Thx!

As a new Shapeoko 5 Pro user (awesome machine!), anyone have any feedback on how often updates are made based on feature requests like this?

I work around this by placing any object with a node at the point I want to scale from,
THen after the scale operation, leave the object(s) selected & move them back to that point.


@Tod1d that did help. thx. still not nearly as seamless as a simple anchor option. i wish this software were open so that i could contribute.

do you know if carbide acts on feature requests like this?

I think more things should be open (Tool libraries, posts in CC. Macros, Tool change location, Rapid locations, etc… in CM). But opening the software introduces a lot of extra code management.

Yes, they have implemented a lot of features that were suggested. The most recent Rest Machining, Tiling, and Inlay support, creating an outline when you import a STL.

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